Susanne Lederer-Pabst

Absalon Capital strengthens "ESG Approach"

Responsibility for the future of the world is essential today

dragonfly finance (4-your-biz), which took over the distribution of Absalon Capital in Austria in 2018, are pleased that both Absalon Credit Funds are increasingly focusing on the proven ESG approach. The Danish HY and EM Corporate boutique are thus institutionalizing their proven risk management tool.

"Not only for risk management reasons but also for the future of the world, it is essential today to focus on social and environmental developments as well as on 'governance' when deciding which securities to invest in portfolios," says Susanne Lederer-Pabst.

Global Engagement Service

The long-standing cooperation with the Swedish GES International (Global Engagement Service, Stockholm), the leading provider of ESG research, was strengthened by Absalon Capital last year and is also fixed by contract in the fund regulations.

Impact matters

"Impact is no longer a 'nice to have', but Impact has become a 'must'! More and more investors are seeing the same and we are delighted to have Absalon Capital as a product partner that not only delivers ROI, but also delivers significant outperformance with responsibility. " Lederer-Pabst continues.

Global High Yield and Emerging Market Corporate

The management team around Klaus Blaabjerg continued his success story in Global Credit in 2018 as well. In a difficult market environment, both Absalon funds outperformed their benchmark last year. And demand - especially for emerging market corporate - continues to increase.

"Above all, pension and severance payment funds value Absalon Capital's action-oriented approach," says Dr. Lederer-Pabst. "Institutional clients appreciate the fund house and its cooperation with GES. The fact that the funds were in the lead in their peer group in 2018 and have a top Morningstar rating is another convincing argument. Absalon Capital thus has a unique USP and we are happy to be able to offer our customers an attractive alternative in low interest rates with Absalon Capital, "concludes Susanne Lederer-Pabst.

Absalon Capital, based in Aarhus, Denmark, is part of the EUR 10 billion Formuepleje Group, Denmark's largest independent asset manager. Absalon manages not only a few mandates but also two credit funds. Both the Global High Yield and the Emerging Market Corporate Debt Fund have stood out for years for their outstanding performance and comparatively low risk. The credit specialists currently manage around 400 million Euros in funds and mandates. They also take into account social, ecological and governance criteria and further strengthen this approach. The Absalon Global HY Fund (ISIN: LU1138630212) and the Absalon Emerging Market Corporate Debt Fund (ISIN: LU1138630998) were both launched in March 2015.