JAR Capital

Sustainability seal for JAR Capital for the second time in a row

JAR Capital manages high yields with SRI approach

JAR Capital has been awarded the Forum Sustainable Investments‘ FNG seal for sustainable mutual funds this year with two stars. This is another increase over the previous year. With the JAR Sustainable Income UI fund (LU1231245298), the investment house proves that ESG criteria can also be integrated in the fixed-income sector. It remains the first and only high-yield fund to meet the stringent FNG sustainability criteria and qualify for the seal.

It's about impact and change - for example, to increase transparency, increased efficiency in the use of raw materials. But also to avoid reputational and legal risks as well as consistent adherence to environmental standards and labor rights.

Carl Berthold"Fund managers who take their sustainability responsibilities seriously are increasingly recognizing the importance of this engagement approach. We therefore see sustainability as an integral part of risk management, which can contribute to a more sustainable performance in the medium to long term, " adds Carl Berthold, who works with Tansley in portfolio management.

The institutional credibility, product standards and selection and dialogue strategies of JAR Capital are explicitly emphasized by FNG. "We are delighted that our commitment approach has been recognized, and we have even achieved two stars in the FNG label this year with the expansion of the universe and the deepening of dialogue with the companies concerned. We are aiming for an improvement in the companies involved, not just maintaining the status quo, " said Kerrin Tansley, Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager, JAR Capital. 

The FNG Seal, the quality standard for sustainable investment funds, was awarded for the fourth time this year. At the award ceremony, 65 funds were awarded the coveted seal of quality. 66 funds had applied, an increase of 40% compared to the previous year. Thus, the pace of growth has accelerated again after 25% last year. The number of competing fund offices rose even more from 21 to 30. The FNG seal is establishing itself.


The FNG seal is the quality standard for sustainable investment funds in German-speaking countries. The holistic methodology of the FNG seal is based on a minimum standard. These include transparency criteria and the consideration of labor and human rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption, as summarized in the globally recognized UN Global Compact. The individual companies of the respective fund must also be explicitly analyzed for sustainability criteria. Investments in nuclear power, coal mining, significant coal-fired power generation, fracking, oil sands and weapons and armaments are taboo. High-quality sustainability investments, which stand out in the areas of "institutional credibility", "product standards" and "selection and dialogue procedures", receive up to three stars. The FNG seal goes far beyond mere portfolio analysis, is holistic and meaningful. With over 80 questions, e.g. the sustainability investment style, the associated investment process, the associated ESG research capacities and possibly an accompanying engagement process. In addition, elements such as reporting, the fund company as such, an external sustainability advisory board and topics of good corporate governance play an important role. The auditor of the FNG seal is the University of Hamburg. The Society for Quality Assurance of Sustainable Investment (GNG) has the overall responsibility, in particular for the coordination, the awarding and the marketing. The namesake and initiator of the FNG quality seal is the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e. V. (FNG), the Association for Sustainable Investment in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. More information can be found at: www.fng-siegel.org