When art meets business

Event Depot I Breitegasse 3

Dialogue art - expanding the value of art

Art is created in dialogue, art enables dialogue. Thus, the value of art (also!) lies before, beside and after the represented or staged work - namely in the dialogue that art so understood and lived enables.

An evening with: 

Christian Ahlfeld, Business Administration / Banking
Gabriele Gottwald-Nathaniel, Gabarage-upcycling design / Anton Proksch Institute
Michael Heindl, visual artist
Susanne Lederer Pabst, 4-your-biz / Impact Investing
Boris Manner, author, curator, cultural manager
Anna Vasof, architect and media artist 

Moderation: Gernot Deutschmann, dialogue artist

In cooperation with Lluís Lipp (DREISECHSFUENF)

Artists, entrepreneurs and philosophers explore possibilities, prerequisites, opportunities, risks and conditions through this artistic approach through dialogue from their respective perspectives.

We are pleased to contribute to broadening the value of art through this dialogue ;-)

We look forward to seeing you! 


About the location

The depot has developed into an internationally recognized institution and platform in which science and art exchange ideas. This platform takes into account the ever-changing concept of art and, above all, an art that has left its ancestral spaces. In keeping with its interdisciplinary approach, the depot focuses on socially relevant problem areas such as globalization, migration, post-colonialism, racism, sexism, bioethics and new communication technologies. 

Lectures and discussions are held here for all those interested in culture and gender studies, film studies, philosophy, political science and sociology. In addition to talks, lecture series and podium discussions, the form of the events also includes symposia, workshops, seminars and again and again newly developed forms of events. Participation is the central moment of the deposit concept, which is sought in different ways.