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Let us finance a
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Green Finance in the Covid Era

Collective awakening is needed!
The opportunities that Corona brings are obvious - especially in the much-discussed environmental benefits. Not just this, but it also is related to the consciousness level, this “pandemic” is doing something to our society and we are being called to start questioning – in many different aspects. This situation has such disruptive effects that collective awakening is on the agenda and with it, the topic of ESG; therefore it looks like COVID-19 will in some way lead to a realignment


Let’s make investing for good the new norm! COVID-19 and Impact Investing

At the moment, it is evident that the coronavirus pandemic is not only causing loss of life and damage to the economy in many areas, but also huge opportunities are opening up. So could now be the time for socially responsible and effective investments to change the global economy sustainably? I say yes!


Ranked first on the list of deep green funds: LFDE

The topic of sustainability is important! Now it is getting clear..

With La Financière de l'Echiquier (LFDE) we represent a manager who has been committed to this topic for many years.
An analysis published by the business magazine "trend" shows how strongly the sustainability approach is anchored in its management: The "Echiquier Positive Impact Europe Fund" ranks first on the list of "Deep Green" funds. On the list are products, that improve the environment actively.


"I never get tired of talking about ESG and Impact Investing!" Interview by Anke Dembowski

I am very happy to have been interviewed by "Fondsfrau" Anke Dembowski (who is also an editor at "Institutional Money") ​who let me share about myself and my motivation for my work in the world.
She asked me some questions, like why sustainable investments are important to me, and why I see special opportunities for women in this area. ​Thank you very much for that!


LFDE - From ESG Integration to Impact Investing

LFDE - From ESG Integration to Impact Investing

At the beginning of July, hosted Coline Pavot, SRI analyst at La Financière de L'Échiquier (LFDE) and John Korter, Country Manager for Germany and Austria in Vienna. LFDE, founded 1991 in Paris, has received very little from its total assets worth around ten billion euros from Austria so far. However, the demand for LFDE know-how is high and more inflows are expected soon

Symposium Börse FH

5th Symposium Economic and Financial Communication

Trends in (Digital) Financial Communication - developments you should keep in mind

As cooperating partner of the Master program "Business and Financial Communications" we would like to cordially invite you to the symposium of the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences in the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Digital financial communication as a completely new cultural technique?
Experts from fthe field of inancial communications will be discussing for the fifth time.


Operating Principles for Impact Investing - new market standard?

While the European Commission is still working on a general definition on the topic of "sustainability", and in Austria working groups on the same topic are being convened, the International Finance Corporation published the first market standards for impact investing in April 2019.
The newly created market standard for impact investing by the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, was able to win well-known signatories right from the start - we think that's quite a good start!

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