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Two women. Two mothers. One mission

Out of deep conviction, the topics "sustainable investing" and "responsible investments" are increasingly coming into our focus.

We therefore want to create a field in which conscious intelligence can form on the topics of sustainability, social, green and impact investing.

Caring for our planet and the need to finance the great challenges of our society are not mutually exclusive - quite the contrary. A society nurturing economy needs funding. Keywords: energy transition, social infrastructure, education.

What drives us ...

... is the idea of ​​a sustainable society that sees economy as a "we-conomy". A form of economic activity in which the "we" is central.

Sustainable, in harmony with nature and all the living beings connected with it. Without harmony, there is no sustainability.

A new era of ensuring the survival of our planet also needs a new market. One in which social and ecological values ​​are increasingly being traded.

Paradigm change in the financial sector is very near and dear to our hearts: Impact investing has the potential to make it happen!

Our Team

Dr. Susanne Lederer-Pabst, CEO

I run a business where a culture of "taking in giving" is lived.

  • I am thoroughly convinced that we can make a difference through the use of entrepreneurial efficiency and the motivation to be socially responsible.
  • My vision is to make a positive contribution to society through my commitment and energy, as well as to have fun while doing it.

Joy, authenticity, as well as social and professional competence are the ingredients for my professional work.

And here's my Genius Report …


Career history and qualifications

Martina Nemeth-Beran

As a mother, I feel especially responsible for the next generations. A careful handling of our resources as well as social responsibility are of great concern to me, and not just as empty slogans.

  • At the present time, everyone is called upon to take responsibility for what happens, but also for what is left undone.
  • Each individual is required to participate in this goal.

I am pleased to work in a company that highly prioritizes social and environmental principles.
My vision is to joyously commit and take responsibility to encourage positive social change.

Career history and qualifications

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