Lead today. Shape tomorrow. The event for International Women's Day

I was very happy to talk about female values, entrepreneurship, women empowerment but also about financial markets and pensions on the occasion of International Women's Day.

Because old-age poverty is female and every fourth woman in Austria is potentially affected - that simply shouldn't be!

Better done than perfect...

It is also close to my heart to promote gender equality in our society - women and feminine qualities are important to me!

Better done than perfect ...
... was the unanimous opinion of the experts at the Women Money Club on March 6th, 2020 on the occasion of International Women's Day, when it comes to financial decisions, especially by women. The bandwidth of the lively discussions ranged from the correct assessment of one's own worth to automatic pension splitting to the choice of the right banking relationship.

The aim of this fishbowl format was a profitable discussion in which the audience has the opportunity to contribute to the discussion via questions, suggestions and ideas and to take part in it.

The Women Money Club is organized by the Institute for Sustainable Finance. The institute is a dialogue platform for financial education, especially in connection with sustainability. Experts talk regularly about their access to and experience with personal and professional money management in relaxed talking sessions. The informed use of money is an important requirement for all women in order to live financial independence, whether privately or as an entrepreneur.

This time the following discussion was moderated by Heidrun Kopp from the Institute for Sustainable Finance:

Susanne Lederer-Pabst (Dragonfly Finance), Barbara Fahringer-Postl (BD0 Austria), Julia Freidl (y.lab) and Patrick Pöschl (FinTech Austria, Tomorrow Bank).

The Women Money Club is organized by the Female Founders Global. Female Founders is the Pan-European hub for female entrepreneurial minds. No matter if you’ve already started your business, if you’re trying to make your first steps in the world of entrepreneurship, are just curious about this whole scene or are a fully fledged startup-founder or entrepreneurial leader - you’re welcome to join.

- What to expect -
A relaxed atmosphere with inspiring, like-minded women that are willing to expand their network and to share their stories. No bullshit bingo, no business card kamikaze, no hardcore-networking. If you’re open-minded, willing to share & learn and a great person to hang around with, this is your place to be.

- Why we do it -
We love startups. We understand women. We haven’t found an iniative like this yet. That’s why we decided to do it the startup way: stop complaining, start doing. With this group, we want to bring entrepreneurial women closer together and provide a place to connect and have a good time. Our big aim: Being the point of gravity for entrepreneurial women, that empowers, supports and connects.

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